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  ipm-BioCare, Inc. manages bird and wildlife problems.  Using the latest and best quality bird control products on the market today, ipm-BioCare, Inc. moves problem birds from buildings and other structures in a safe and humane way. Birds are not harmed. They are just urged to look for new places to live.

  Pest bird activity, if left unchecked, can cause damage to structural components of structures and at the same time can present a serious health threat to those who may become exposed to bird excrement and other related debris. Our commitment to understanding bird biology and ways in which they can be safely removed is taken very seriously by all team members on our staff of professional wildlife control specialists.

   So stop waiting until wildlife issues become a serious health & safety risk to anyone who might accidentally find themselves having to live or work around the mess pest animals always leave behind.  Property owners should be aware of the extra long term costs they may face as a result of deferring bird & wildlife control measures.

  Clear the air.  One should be able to look up and not have to worry about what may drop down on you.

  Birds can be a serious problem if their numbers get out of control.  Fortunately, not many species of birds are responsible for causing damage to property or are a source of health related hazardous.  The few that are however, can certainly be a problem if their numbers grow as a result of human activity as well as the design of the structures where we live and work.  

  On this web site a number of images will be presented that depict the real world issues we have documented over the years.  Searching the web you will find a number of companies that market a number of devices that are supposedly designed to help control birds.  Unfortunately many fail due to poor design or faulty installations.  And that’s where we come in.  We use only the highest quality bird control products and offer our clients a FULL guarantee that our control efforts will be 100% effective and durable over the long term.